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‘Gone for a Run’ …..for a runner these 4 simple words transport us to a realm like no other. It’s a place of solitude and companionship, clear thinking and no thinking, pleasure and pain, goals and dreams….. as we challenge our bodies and ourselves. Going for a Run is a commitment you make with yourself, it makes us stronger and defines us. was created by runners for runners. Inspired by a mother and her sons who are die hard road warriors committed to running and always looking for the next challenge whether its a 5K, marathon or ultra.

This passion for running led us to the creation of A site celebrating this great sport with a unique collection of gifts and apparel for runners. Whether it’s a marble coaster you can proudly display and use commemorating your latest race, a 26.2 silver necklace marking a great achievement or a pair of carefully engineered running socks we hope you’ll enjoy our ever-growing assortment of running products. Please check back often for we are always racing to find more great new running products.


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