Custom ID Bands Save Athlete's Lives

Without some form of identification, nobody would know who you were.

Without some form of identification, nobody would know who you were.


IDmeBAND ID Bracelets are the #1 Choice for Runners & Triathletes!

Runner ID Bracelets and Tags Every Runner, Triathlete & Cyclist Should Have

Safety is always a top concern when participating in any physical activity. Unfortunately, scary situations can happen. Good preparation, however, can make all the difference during a crisis. A runner ID bracelet is the perfect way to stay prepared for any emergencies that might arise during a workout. All marathon runners, ultra runners, and casual runners should consider wearing their running ID bracelets as important to their running routines as tying their shoe laces before heading out the door. Staying safe with vital medical information isn’t just reserved for runners. Triathletes and cyclist of all skill levels, will benefit from our medical ID bracelets and necklaces as well.

What Kind of Running/Triathlete Identification Bracelet or Necklace Should I Use?

Runners and triathletes have a few different identification options for their ID bracelets. offers many different styles including shoe ID tags, paracord bracelets, silicone ID bands and race lace ID bands. Each running, triathlete and cyclist ID product is engraved with lifesaving facts such as personal, emergency contact, and medical information. Runners, walkers, triathletes and cyclists should never make the mistake of leaving home without this information on hand. Always be safe. offers different types of running and triathlete identification products. Our offerings include runner identification bracelets, necklaces, and shoe tags.

1. Running/Triathlete ID Military Style Dog Tags

Our running/triathlete ID Dog Tags are a simple and efficient way for runners, triathletes and cyclist to carry identification with them during their workouts. Each tag fits on either a lightweight necklace or keychain and can hold up to five lines of text each. These tags are available in either stainless steel with a silver finish or anodized aluminum in a colored finish. Safeguard your running career & check out the running ID dog tags directly.

2. Shoe ID Tag

Our Shoe ID Tag is a great alternative for those runners, walkers, and cyclists who prefer not to have anything around their wrist or neck during their workouts. These versatile identification tags are created from anodized aluminum and are completely weatherproof and durable in all conditions. Each tag is laced through a pair of running shoes, so the information is easily visible and accessible. Head over to our Shoe ID Tag section & help us treasure your safety.

3. ID Paracord Bracelets for Runners

Our IDmeBAND Paracord Bracelets combine safety, survival and style into one unique running ID bracelet. Each running ID bracelet features an anodized aluminum slider engraved with up to six lines of personal information on a paracord string band. The paracord bracelet can easily be unwrapped to be used in an emergency situation, or, as a quick shoe lace replacement! The bracelet is available in a wide range of both colors and sizes in order to fit every runner’s needs perfectly. IDmeBAND paracord bracelets are available now to assure a safe run.

4. Precision Silicone ID Bands

Our Precision IDmeBAND Silicone ID Bracelets are sophisticated, comfortable, and of course, functional. The running/triathlete ID bracelet features a stainless steel plate engraved with up to five lines of personal information on an adjustable watch style strap, ensuring the bracelet will fit almost all wrist sizes. The silicone strap is available in multiple color ways in order to fit every runner’s personal preferences. Help protect your life or your loved one’s, by visiting Gone For a RUN for more information about our Precision Silicone IDmeBANDS.

5. Race Lace IDmeBAND ID Bracelets for Runners

Made from actual shoe laces, our Race Lace ID Bands are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. An engravable aluminum slider with room for with up to six lines of text accompanies the race lace bracelet. Both the slider and the bracelet are available in different color ways in order to create a running ID bracelet that works with every runner’s personality. For more information on our race lace running ID bracelets, please visit Keep your vital information handy with a Race Lace IDmeBAND.

6. Tech Nylon IDmeBAND ID Bracelets for Runners

Our new Tech Nylon ID Band redefines passive safety. Equipped with reflective stitching and dual tags, IDmeBAND ensures all of your information is in the right place. With our top-notch laser engraving service, we are able to permanently ingrain your medical details onto your ID bracelet. Looking to lighten up your mood during a water break? Add a quirky quote to your second ID tag! With this there is an endless amount of possibilities. The stretchable fabric included on both sides of the ID band is strong enough to hold your favorite energy packet, and durable enough to withstand the removal of your tags.. over and over again! Pick up our Tech Nylon IDmeBAND on and stay prepared in case the unthinkable occurs.

7. Premier Silicone IDmeBAND ID Bracelets for Runners

Our “one-size-fits-all” Premier Silicone ID band is a great option for any athlete. The adjustable metal band clip will stay secure wherever you’re going. Not only do athletes use these, anyone at medical risk can sport one of these fancy bracelets! These life-saving ID bracelets give athletes peace at mind when running on busy roads, or while traversing through any risky environment. These are a must-have for any athlete’s gear bag. For more information on our premier silicone running ID bracelets, please visit As a matter of choice, you can order Premier Silicone IDmeBANDs directly to give sanctuary to your running!

Our Safety ID Bands are the number one choice for safety for athletes. Our identification tags and ID bracelets are the first choice for runner ID, triathlete ID, jogger ID, cyclist ID, athlete ID, medical ID, bicycling ID, emergency medical ID bracelet and more. Our IDmeBANDs will keep every athlete safe, since the band will give emergency responders vital information. Emergency workers look for a medical ID bracelet or tag on a fallen athlete to avoid potential medical errors. An ID bracelet can speak for a runner, triathlete or cyclist when he or she cannot. Simply, our identification bracelets save lives.

Running ID bracelets are just a fraction of our offerings at Check out our selection of running safety products, marathon jewelry, and commemorative race memorabilia.